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Table of Contents - University of Massachusetts Amherst

2 1 Scope of Delivery BCHI Rotavapor R-220 Fig. 1: R-220, Overall View 1 Scope of Delivery Component 1 Chassis, complete, with control and driving unit and with heating bath

Failures and Troubleshooting of a Rotary Evaporator - Rotovap

Aug 08, 2019 A rotary evaporator is an indispensable equipment for evaporation, concentration, crystallization, drying, separation, and solvent recovery in many fields, and it is mainly used for continuous distillation of large amounts of volatile solvents under reduced pressure. Giving consideration to its importance, it’s necessary to learn something about …


Aug 08, 2021 Buchi R Rotavapor – YouTube. You may also like. Extra caution must also be applied to operations with air reactive materials, especially when under vacuum. Buchi Rotavapor R, R Operating Instruction – Manual . Show only see all. For parts or not working. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory ...

Buchi Rotavapor R-210

Begin Repair Have one to repair? Buchi Rotavapor R-210. 1 units left at this price. ... Buchi R-114 Rotary Evaporator Rotovap w/ Waterbath. Lab Evaporators $ 1,179.00 Buy Online. Genevac 30114 Centrifugal Conical Flask Carrier ( 70-0706 19/26 …

BUCHI Rotavapor R-300 Rotary Evaporator with Controller ...

BUCHI 11SR300252VS12 Electronic Lift: Vertical: I-300 Interface: Woulff Bottle, F-305 Recirculating Chiller: This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available. Please call customer service for assistance: 1-800-766-7000. View substitute products

Evaporators - Buchi R-114

Buchi R-114 Rotary Evaporator Rotovap w/B-480 Bath Working Great. $. 889.00. Buy It Now. Free Shipping. Condition: Used. Location: Columbus, United States. R-114 Rotovap Base. This rotovap is partnered with a 5 Liter B-480 water bath with …

Used Rotovap for sale. Buchi equipment more Machinio

Buchi R-200 V800 Rotovap. Manufacturer: Buchi. Speed: 20 -280 rpm Weight: 16 -18 kilograms Temperature Range: +20C to +180C Condenser: Two-piece cold trap condenser Capacity Range: 50 mL – 3L Counter Space Footprint: 0.14 m Hysteresis: Automatic or 1 – 500... Watertown, MA, USA.

Replacing Buchi Rotavap Vapor Ducts - HiTechTrader

Buchi Rotavapor Vapor Ducts. Vapor Ducts for the Buchi Rotavap can look very similar. But it is very important to replace your broken vapor duct with the correct part number for that particular Buchi Rotavap model. Hitechtrader has been helping customers find the correct replacement parts for their Rotary Evaporators as well as all other types of lab equipment.

Buchi Rotovap Cold Trap Exterior Glass 45/40 with Warranty

Buchi Rotovap Cold Trap Exterior Glass 45/40 In Good Physical Condition No visible chips or cracks. This is just the outer body. Bottom joint is 45/40 and the side threaded arms are a GL-14. The top side port opening is NS 18,8/38. No seal, lid, or stopper are included. Specifications Manufacturer Buchi Item Rotov

Used Rotovaps for sale. Buchi equipment more Machinio

Buchi Rotovap, Model RE140. Cleveland, OH, USA. Click to Request Price. Top Seller. Buchi Rotovap R175EX1. Manufacturer: Buchi; Used Buchi RotaVap, model R-175EX1, with heat bath, main glass flask, 1 sq meter glass coil condenser, and glass receiver flask on base with 250 watt heater, 440 volt with controls, serial# 240265. Buchi Rotovap,...

Home Environmental Health Safety UCI

Connect the bump trap to the rotovap and secure with the metal clip or a keck clip depending on the model of rotovap (pictured below). The bump trap should be kept clean, it provides a receptacle in case the solution splashes or boils beyond the flask. A clean bump trap can allow for recovery of any solution that “bumps”.

100L Rotovap for sale - Lab Instrument Manufacturer

Dec 06, 2019 100L rotary evaporator has a large capacity of 100L, designed for the purpose of mass production need, is mainly used for pilot plant production in biology, chemical engineering, pharmacy and food industry. The specific application as follows: 1.Medicine: various application in laboratory of quality control, research and development departments ...

Rotary Evaporator Replacement Glassware

directly to the Buchi rotary evaporator. Assembly “C” also includes the glass cold trap inner body, Buchi Part #00672, PTFE sealing ring with Viton O-Rings, PTFE lid or cap, PTFE hose barbs and GL threaded caps. Note: Some parts are not interchangeable between series 114-144 and 200/205. Please check your Buchi

Rotavapor R-100

Economical evaporation. The Rotavapor R-100 is an entry-level rotary evaporator that meets the essential needs in economical evaporation and is developed according to BUCHI’s high-quality standards. Evaporating flask size: 50 - 4000 mL. Lift mechanism: Manual.

Buchi Combi-Clip fits 24/40 joint - Sigma-Aldrich

For the Buchi Combi-Clip, Product Z566616, what Buchi model rotary evaporator (rotovap) does it fit? This Combi-Clip fits only Buchi models R-200/205 and R-210/215. It is usually used with a vapor duct that looks like the one in the attached photo. ... The ducts for Buchi models R114/124 (Z403245, short and Z403237, long) already come with a ...

Used Rotary Evaporator for sale. Still equipment more ...

Genser PILOTVAP 10 Rotary Evaporator Rotovap with CS-20 Chiller Vacuum Pump. Manufacturer: Genser; Genser Scientific Instruments Rotary Evaporator PILOTVAP-10 Demonstration Product ID: 30516 Genser PILOTVAP 10 Rotary Evaporator with CS-20 Chiller A fully-tested, turnkey rotovap, this PILOTVAP 10 promises high-...

Rotavapor R-250 Pro

In 1957 BUCHI introduced the first commercial rotary evaporator. With our technological expertise and profound customer interaction, we have continuously developed the Rotavapor to an ever smarter and fully integrated system. Our carefully conceived solutions meet the needs of a wide range of industries, whether you operate in RD or production.


Jun 16, 2020 Buchi Rotavapor R-114, R-124 Operating Instruction. Rotavapor is in overall good condition. Mannual R Rotovap complete. Buchi rotavapor rotary evaporator R with B water bath and condenser. Buchi R Rotovapor Buchi Rotavapor R Rotary Evaporator.

Rotavapor R-100 Operation Manual -

manufacturer ([email protected]). BUCHI service technicians Service technicians authorized by BUCHI have attended special training courses and are authorized by BCHI Labortechnik AG to carry out special servicing and repair measures. Residual risks2.4 The device has been developed and manufactured using the latest technological ad-vances.

Buchi - Mason Technology

Our customers for BUCHI solutions include companies in the pharmaceutical, nutrition and beverage, and academia and research sectors. For anyone considering purchasing a BUCHI solution from Mason Technology, our sales and service teams have been factory trained at BUCHI Headquarters in Flavil, Switzerland guaranteeing exceptional support for your …

Buchi Rotovapor-R w/ Evaporator Bath KRvr65/45 BaneBio

Related products. Labconco CentriVap Benchtop Vacuum Concentrator 7970000 $ 2,795.00 Read more Savant DNA Speed Vac DNA110-120 $ 850.00 Read more ThermoFisher Scientific SpeedVac Concentrator SPD121P-115

Lab Equipment - Buchi

Repair, refund or exchange, please email through eBay for instructions. Contact: Phone: 650-933-5030 x 151 ASK for Arash* Business Hour: Monday- Friday 10:00am- 5:00pm PST# FLO Payment Terms Payments must be received within 10 business days after our co ... Up for Sale is a Buchi Rotovapor R-205 Rotovap Rotary Evaporator with B-490 Heating ...

BUCHI R-114 Rotary Evaporator for sale online eBay

See details. - Buchi R-114 Rotavapor System - B-480 Waterbath Heater Bath. See all 5 pre-owned listings. Qty. 1 2. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Watch. Sold by mainstreetsurplus ( 572) 100.0% Positive feedback Contact seller.

Rotovap Cambridge Scientific

Service Repair; Moving Installation; Used Lab Equipment. ... Buchi R-205 Rotovap Cambridge Scientific ID #'s: 21505, 21884. The Buchi R-205 Rotavapor System is considered to be the most desired high-end rotary evaporator on the market and is known for its versatility and reliability. This Buchi R-205 Rotavapor System includes the Buchi B ...

Parts Accessories

Set Rotavapor connection. Combining the Multivapor TM or SyncorePlus with the Rotavapor requires a T-shaped glass connector for the condenser of the rotary evaporator. The T-piece consits of two spherical joints for the condenser assembly and a SVL 22 joint for the vacuum tube. The length of the tube is 400 mm. Get quote.

Buchi RE-111 Rotavapor and B-461 Water Bath - Price Specs

The Buchi / Brinkman Rotovapor RE-111 and Water Bath work well togather as a rotating evaporation system. Running at 110V, 50 / 60Hz, and 85W the motorized rotating evaporator works well. Also the manual rotavapor jack works well and is usable with other units. The water baths can be used as a stand alone unit, with tempurature ranges from 20 ...

Buchi B-161 Rotovapor Vacuum-Controller - Price Specs

The Buchi B-161 Rotovapor Vacuum-Controller comes with connections for cooling water, water jet pump, and vacuum valve. There is also front dials P settings 0-1000, and ΔP settings 0-100. There is also an on/off switch and digital readout. It can be fused for 400mA MT 220 or 800mA MT 117V. Buchi B-161 Rotovapor Vacuum-Controller Manuals ...

Vacuum Pump V-300 Operation Manual -

the manufacturer ([email protected]). BUCHI service technicians Service technicians authorized by BUCHI have attended special training courses and are authorized by BCHI Labortechnik AG to carry out special servicing and repair measures. Residual risks2.4 The device has been developed and manufactured using the latest technological advances.

Rotavapor R-300

The Rotavapor R-300 meets the highest expectations of convenience and versatility in rotary evaporation. Its modular design allows the R-300 to be extended to a fully integrated system where a central interface regulates each component. Evaporating flask size: 50 – 5000 mL. Lift mechanism: Manual or automatic. Temperature range: 20 – 220 C.

Rotovap and Lyophilization - Adams Chittenden Scientific ...

The rotovap cleaner assists you in cleaning out the gunk that accumulates in the vapor duct and head of your rotary evaporator. With the rotation stopped, connect the cleaner to the vapor duct with the stopcock closed. Add solvent to the funnel, turn on the vacuum, then open the stopcock. The solvent will burst through the vapor duct into the ...

Rotovap - Lab Instrument Manufacturer

The rotovap with motor lift are equipped with a manual motor lift-up which enables you to control the process in case of a power outage. They come with different flask capacities which range from 2 liters to 50 liters or more. Managing the entire process is made easy with the digital LCD screen that enables one to view the evaporation process and make necessary changes.

Buchi R-210 R-215 Rotavapor Accessories - Thomas Sci

This baseplate is used with the R-210/215/R2 models. 1229D88, 1229D89 - Buchi R-210/215 Rotavapor Vapor Duct for Glass Assembly V,C,S,E,R,BY Condensers. Prevents cross-contamination and is particularly easy to dismantle and clean. The vacuum seal is manufactured from PTFE composite material and provides long service life with effective sealing.

Rotavapor R-300 Operation Manual

uConnect coolant tubes to the two coolant connections (1) and (3) using GL14 cap nuts. uuConnect the vacuum tubing to the vacuum connection (4) using a GL14 cap nut.Option 1: connect the vapor temperature sensor to connection (2) using a GL14 cap nut.

Vacuum Pump V-300 Operation Manual -

uRemove the fixing ring and pump head, see Chapter Step 2: dismantling pump head, page 51. uGrip diaphragm (1) with diaphragm grips and turn counter-clockwise. uRemove old diaphragm, insert new diaphragm and tighten using the diaphragm grips. uTighten new diaphragm by turning clockwise with the diaphragm grips.

Buchi Rotovap Model RE140 Federal Equipment Company

Used Buchi Roto Vap, Model RE140, with variable speed motor, with 35 ml. flask and glass column, Model 464 water bath, Serial No. 1220251. Item Specifications. Serial Number: 1220251. Terms Conditions. Federal Equipment Company makes reasonable efforts to ensure accuracy of the information we provide. The purchaser is expected to verify any ...

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